Welcome to sunrise public school
Thank you for visiting Sunrise Public School. We are happy that you like our institution for your child's brilliant future. We would be glad to share with you some our instinctive characteristics. We will start with our ethos because if explains what we want to do for the students. Basic education is a fundamental right of every indian citizen, but still a sizeable sector of society is either not aware of it or does not have enough means to provide it to their children. Furthermore, in spite of so many schools mushrooming everywhere, the quality of educations not praise worthly.


Dear parent,

In view of the closure of Schools as per the notification of Government,Sunrise has once again decided to step up to the demands of the extreme situation. In order to ensure that there is no loss of learning for the students in these crucial times, the School has planned to connect with its learners by guiding them through comfortable and interactive LIVE ONLINE CLASSES. Hope you all are receiving regular updates from the class incharges through whatsapp. In case we were NOT able to reach you due to network problems, kindly whatsapp or call on +91 96505 04920.


Sunrise Public School