Introduction to kindergarten
The Sunrise Kindergarten School comes as a blessing for the tiny-tots, with a perfect ambience which is so unique due to its artistically designed building. The play area at the entrance offers an appealing sight which houses the model of a ship, various counters like a bank, mother dairy and a post office. The ecstasy levels of children rise to unimaginable heights when they step into the beautifully decorated toy room surrounded by shallow water body.
The walls and doors have been painted in rainbow colours though magical strokes to give them a wonderfully cheerful look. As we unlock the doors of the classrooms, the treasures of the artistic mind are unveiled. The soft boards with the best cut-outs and charts depicting the mosaic of creativity make the spacious classrooms come alive with hues and shades of all colours.
The early years are enormously important for teaching young children. They are born with natural curiosity and inquisitiveness about the world around them. It is important to keep that spark alive and make learning enjoyable and exciting. Ours is a very scientific approach with targeted areas of development and growth.
  • ★ Socio-Emotional Development

  • ★ Physical Development

  • ★ Language Development

  • ★ Cognitive Development

  • ★ Creative and Aesthetic Development

  • ★ Language Development
    • English language programs including-

    • Audio, visual/discrimination

    • Language Usage and Motor control

    • Conceptual Learning